Social Cooperative Enterprise “MODOUSA” is located at Gera bay in Lesvos, in a renovated, preindustrial-era oil mill. It is constituted by almost 100 producers from the extended area. It mostly produces olive oil and table olives.

Apart from the standardization and commercialization of olive oil, great attention is given to transmitting know-how on cultivation and good farming practices to members and non-members. The objectives of the cooperative include, amongst others, the implementation of innovations, common cultivation protocols and the shared use of specialized equipment.

For “MODOUSA”, the cooperative is a tool for the development of the local community. Its facilities often host cultural and athletic events of the area such as local festivals, theatrical plays, concerts, conferences, etc. Furthermore, they permanently host other local actors, such as sports clubs and the local voluntary fire protection unit.

Its members often undertake environmental and local initiatives. At the same time, there are permanent synergies with other professionals in the area, who market their products through the cooperative or the cooperative store. The store also sells products of other cooperatives of the North Aegean islands, as part of a broader network.




News from “Μodousa”, Social Cooperative Enterprise, Gera Lesvos, 2021