Green Land co – farming is a group of young farmers and food technologists who, with table olives and olive oil from Messinia at the centre of their activities, ultimately aim at improving their life quality, that of their families and of the region’s overall rural population through the production and distribution of the olive products of Messinia.

Their goal is to promote their products through fair and solidarity trade in Greece and abroad and make information on their quality, origin, working conditions and environmental footprint accessible to all. Specifically, they work to publicize the qualitative characteristics that these products must fulfil, as well as highlight best practices that can improve quality in all stages of the production process and create an environment that fosters research which will, in turn, further improve the quality of their products. In addition, they work to boost the participation of the local community’s youth in the economic life of the region and boost the area through rural tourism activities.

Through good agricultural practices, eco-friendly procedures and a cooperative spirit, this group has managed in a few years to give products added value, exporting most of the production while at the same time being present in the Greek market. This has been attained mainly through their participation in the Fruits of Solidarity campaigns. In addition, their group grew and inspired other small producers to launch similar ventures, escaping the narrow limits of the classic forms of trade, such as selling their produce in bulk to large companies.

Furthermore, the group receives guests from various countries who visit the community to taste their products and get to know their way of life.



News from the “Greenland” producer group Sterna, Messinia, 2021