Fruits of Solidarity is a campaign exploring a way of trading based on solidarity and transparency. In Austria the campaign is performed by the „Association to facilitate solidary economic models“.

Currently we link producer cooperatives in Greece with social organisations and cooperatives in Central Europe. We organise the delivery of eco-friendly high-quality foods and want to leave competition and the greed for profit behind us.

Our group wants to contribute to an economy which emphasizes common welfare instead of accumulating property. We think foodproducers should be able to act sustainable and autonomous whereat self-government should be an important keystone in a free society.

So we contact producers and link them preferably in a direct way to social networks like foodcoops, community-supported projects and companies as well as to private persons. All of them appreciate transparent, anticapitalistic and ecological economy models focusing on the welfare of humans and nature.

By doing so, we hope to transform simple commercial connections to solidary relationships between producers and consumers. Our initiative is a contribution to create alternative ways in economy to the prevalent system which is based on exploitation and greed for profit.

Our final product prices are cost-covering and we want to be transparent and reveal the price composition. The basis is the product price definded by the producers. We add official taxes, logistic costs, a contribution to DOCK and a „solidarity fee“. It goes to social and political initiatives in the region of the producers to which we have personal connections to.