DOCK – Social Solidarity Economy Zone, is a non-profit organization with a cooperative structure, initially formed in 2015 from people active in Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) sector and officially founded in 2017.

DOCK envisions SSE as an alternative way of organizing economy and society based on the values of Solidarity, Sustainability and Social Justice. An economy whose profit is the social result it generates.

Dock’s perspective for SSE is that of an economic model that incorporates initiatives organized on the basis of collective ownership, management and work with democratic decisions and control. A model orientated on human and social needs, a local development with social and environmental balance.

DOCK’s mission is to contribute to the visibility of SSE in Greece by organising public events and congresses, to empower SSE enterprises and initiatives by providing constant information, educational programs, business support, seminars and tools but also through networking for collaborations with other ventures. In order to achieve the mission Dock has created three core operations: infopoint, helpdesk, forum


A spot where everyone can get in touch to get information, assistance and networking with other people or initiatives on a daily basis. Infopoint also serves as an information channel for SSE nationally.


It encompasses the basic operation of support of SSE entities / initiatives at any stage of their enterprise’s development. Helpdesk provides educational material, methodologies and trainings basically to practitioners but also to trainers and consultants willing to integrate SSE concept, principles and values interdisciplinary to their VET curricula.


Networking and synergy development, mainly aiming at statisfying common needs, as well as recording and processing our collective experience in order to produce joint policy and advocacy positions, thus intervening more effectively in the public debate on SSE nationally and globally.